Social Media and Commercial Real Estate
Posted on May 20, 2012.

Now that I’ve read all of the articles about Facebook becoming a public company, it made me think through whether the tools of Social Media can actually help keep our properties relevant and thus improve our ability to attract and retain our tenants.

So how do we connect the two – the new world of social media and the idea that it can expand our relationships to the basics of our business of owning and managing commercial real estate?  If I have a Facebook Page, Linkedin Page, and Twitter Account and use them all to promote our business, what can we expect from these efforts?  Is there a “secret sauce” on how to use these tools to be most effective and connect them to the core functions of our industry?

These are only a few of the many questions that are running through my mind these days and I have yet to come up with any real answers.  I certainly think there is a benefit to promoting our relevance and strategy with the tools of social media but it must be done in conjunction with real and progressive changes at our properties.  As I have found out over 20+ years in this business, if you do great things with your properties but don’t tell anyone, what have you gained?

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